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As I have received from the Lord, so I declare to the world and that is, to reveal, make plain, and to impart the understanding of God's Word in the light of the New Covenant of grace, that has been established by the Blood of Christ. Thereby, making all men see the value of their Redemption that was done for them and wrought inside them!

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To all who enjoy Gene Mitchell's Facebook page and to those who don't know him, I just wanted to give you a little history on my dear friend in the faith. I have known Gene for 37 years and I can testify that he is the “real deal”. When Gene was 7 years old, he was bit by a mosquito that infected him with encephalitis. The doctors told his parents that he would not live through the night, but they discounted God's miracle intervention through prayer! Not only did Gene live, but he has overcome all of the doctor’s expectations. He was told that he would never have kids and he has three beautiful daughters, as well as beautiful grand kids. Gene is a living example of God's miraculous power to overcome all odds! 

Many people would have given up on life with the opposition that Gene has faced, but not Gene! He has always looked at the impossible situation as an opportunity for God to do the miraculous! Over the years, I have watched God work powerfully in and through Gene's life! 

I have seen this man's faith and teaching being lived out before many trials and tribulations. He has stayed the course before him and has overcome in every situation! The anointing on his life is strong and the compass is true to the Word of truth and especially, in the prophetic. Please allow God's word to impart into your life that you can fulfill all that He has designed for your life. If you will take in the impartation that Gene has from God, you're eyes will be opened to His grace for your life. Let this anointing that is in his life infect you with the love and grace of God to do miracles in your own life! May God richly bless you all.

--- Thomas McCullohs

 Power in the Blood Ministries

13120 Three Rivers Road Apt 3004 

Gulfport, Mississippi 39503

(*** To all who are interested, I'm NOT in a position to where I can receive checks or money orders for donations for the ministry. However if the Lord puts it on your heart to want to give and help out the ministry, you can always send cash offerings to the above address. It's always greatly appreciated. Thank you. ***)

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